Belly Dance Classes in Los Angeles

Are you looking for dance classes in Los Angeles that will stimulate your mind and body? Look no further. Neena Nour has been performing and teaching the art of belly dance all over the world and now offers classes at her L.A. studios.
Belly dance classes provide a dancer with a unique approach to self-expression as well as an exciting way to exercise. Mastering the art of core control through this exciting practice will not only bring you to peaceful and meditative places but strengthen your body in ways not imagined.
It’s been said that belly dancing was originally used as a form of strength training for women during pregnancy thousands of years ago. Today it is not only a beautiful and artful performance, but an alternative to the monotony of the treadmill and endless crunches.

The unique undulations a belly dancer executes in mid-body and full body require the use of the whole body from the chest and abdomen to the hips and legs. Often used as an alternative for Pilates that may be too hard on some bodies, the dance engages the mind and body allowing for a heightened awareness of the body and creates a greater sense of mind-body balance. A serious cardio workout, physical adaptability and flexibility, and an incredible core strengthening exercise, belly dancing is a must for those that long for beauty, peace, and strength.
A weekly class will be coming soon!


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